Discover high-tech tools for home energy efficiency

In recent years, an expanded array of resources has been developed to improve energy efficiency. Innovations in mobile communication, smart devices and other high-tech gadgets have accelerated the means to which energy usage can be monitored and reduced, allowing the discovery of new approaches to energy efficiency. Here are a few types of gadgets that can help. ... Read more



Estimate your home energy usage

Knowing the amount of energy consumed by each appliance or device in your home provides an idea of how to modify energy usage, and as a result, can lead to reduced monthly energy bills. ... Read more


The Giving Tree has more to offer than you think:

Energy-efficient landscaping made easy

Usually April showers correlate with May flowers, but hopefully all this rainfall slows down soon so those May flowers are actually in the ground before June. If you haven’t started much of your outdoor landscaping because of this season’s cooler temps, consider incorporating some of these tried and true tips into your landscaping plans before breaking ground: ... Read more



Take a peek at refrigerator-freezer efficiency

Refrigerators and freezers are a mainstay of many kitchens, but these appliances are also among the home’s largest consumers of energy. Follow these tips to reduce the amount of energy they consume each year. ... Read more